Portrait The Director 12 Grey Havana



Optical Portrait The Director 12 Grey Havana

THE DIRECTOR is a squared shape inspired by our long lasting passion for the world of Cinema. Faithful to PORTRAIT’s vision, this frame takes inspiration from classic shapes, making them easily readable and with a clear contemporary taste while preserving their original feel.

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Portrait The Director 12 Grey Havana

Size: 52□20 145
Color code: (C.12)
Material: Acetate
Finish: Brushed

As a team of art, music and cinema lovers, PORTRAIT designs frames that are tributes to artists and art movements that shaped history. Our designs pay homage to timeless frame shapes, but we infuse them with a fresh perspective that aligns with current fashion trends. You will find collections inspired by Video Art, pioneering musicians, photographers and films. strongly influenced by art-history movements and dedicated to its most iconic figures.

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