Black Metallic Diamond


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Suncover Black Metallic Diamond

The glamorous interaction of shimmering metallic leather and deep black suede creates a high-end look that you would never guess was made from recycled leather. The blend of previous ANY DI accessories creates a new life through the “Revival” Collection and has been put together in gentle, emblem-shaped arcs like a patchwork piece of art. 

Eyeglasses are an extremely personal and expressive accessory. One that is cherished and holds high importance for most. Carry your precious daily companion with you in style and always easy at hand! The SunCover has space for all shapes of glasses and protects the lenses with a soft microfiber fabric inside.  

Place the glasses in the SunCover and close the push button under the nose piece. Now close the temples on the back of the leather accessory and it can be attached to your handbag, belt, or Pocket PhoneStrap. Use the leather loop, the carabiner or the ring on the SunCover.  


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Black Metallic Diamond

Design-patented shape

Leather hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt

Part number: SP101602

Height 6.5 cm – width 13.5 cm

Weight 0.03kg

With the optimal care of nappa and suede (also called velour) the leather stays beautiful for a long time and looks like new even after frequent wear. The nappa leather elements of the SunCover can be treated with a colourless leather care product. Dirt and dust can be gently removed with a soft microfibre cloth. When cleaning suede leather, dry cleaning should always be carried out as a first step. Depending on the degree of soiling, a brush with rubber lamellae or a foam rubber block is suitable for this purpose.


We recommend treating and impregnating the SunCover with a suitable care product before it is worn for the first time. Here it is worthwhile investing in special care products, e.g. those from Collonil. Regular use will ensure that the leather looks good for a long time and is protected against dirt, dust and moisture.


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