Laboratorio Olfattivo Vetyverso Eau de Parfum Master´s Collection


Laboratorio Olfattivo

Lucien Ferrero

The Inspiration

«From every trip, I have always brought back an olfactory memory of the places visited. From a trip to the Antilles, I can recall the memory of their olfactory power: on the slopes of the volcanoes grow the roots of Vetiver, with its virile and woody notes. Here the mornings shine with the freshness of citrus fruits and, little by little, the air vibrates with noble and precious spicy scents. It was from these first memories that I built Vetyverso: a fragrance with a decisive and intriguing trail».


The noble root of Vetiver, which has always been known for its beneficial properties, famed for its capability to ward off negative energy, an essence very much in vogue in the seventies and eighties, returns to express all its elegance in Vetyverso. The green and yet at the same time woody character of Vetiver is illuminated by citrus scents and made sparkling by spicy notes forming a perfect fragrance to be worn by man but also by women who are seeking an olfactory surprise on their skin.


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100 ml

Top notes
Carnation E.O., Nutmeg E.O., Bitter Orange

Mid notes
Vetiver E.O., Black Pepper E.O., Pink Pepper E.O., Grapefruit

Base notes
Cedar E.O., Clary Sage Absolute, Sandalwood, White Musks


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