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Watch SevenFriday T1 c08 “Bauhaus Inspired”


The typeface above, or its name rather, is what has inspired us over the last decade: BAUHAUS, a design movement which saw its genesis in the early 1920s in Germany. It is characterized by

simple geometric shapes with smooth and rounded corners. Simplified forms and functionality.

And that’s something that describes our newest timepiece, the T1/08, down pat. An all-stainless-steel model with a metal bracelet and its iconic rounded square shape.

Colours are also important, bright, and vibrant as the new design era they then ushered in. These same tones can also be found printed on a grid-patterned dial, over which a large white ring with BAUHAUS numbers will rotate clockwise to indicate the time. Simple geometric shapes are applied on the circumference and serve as a reference for the hours and quarters.

And at SEVENFRIDAY, there’s one thing we’re good at and that’s celebrations! And for this, we never, ever cut corners.

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SevenFriday T1 c08 “Bauhaus Inspired”

Size:45×45,6mm (HxW)

Case: Stainless steel (316L) case and bezel

Bezel: Bezel grooved lines refilled with red, yellow, white and blue Berlac lacquer

Caseback: Caseback Bauhaus era inspired special polycarbonate chip cover allows the connection between the phone and the inlaid NFC chip

Dial: Three layers construction. Galvanic rhodium cut-out plate with grid and patterns, inspired by the Bauhaus style era, matt printings in red, yellow and blue

Glass:K1 hardened mineral

Strap:Three rows stainless steel (316L) metal bracelet

Water Resistance:3ATM water resistance

Engine:Automatic Skeleton TMI-Seiko NH70 / 40 hours power reserve



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