Kooreloo is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags and more. Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age-old tradition and uniqueness.

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kooreloo Pillow San Francisco BlueKooreloo San Francisco OpenOut of stock

Pillow San Francisco Rafia Blue

515.00 Kooreloo

Petite Crochet Blue

370.00 Kooreloo

Lucerne Rafia Multicolor

440.00 Kooreloo

Aurelia Green

425.00 Kooreloo

Soho Straw Black Gold

415.00 Kooreloo

Basket Straw Black Beige

535.00 Kooreloo
Aurelia Tweed RedOut of stock

Aurelia Tweed Red

425.00 Kooreloo
Aurelia Silver GoldOut of stock

Aurelia Silver Gold

425.00 Kooreloo

Basset Hound Bag Sparkle Print

350.00 Kooreloo

Petite Basset Hound Tweed Yellow

344.00 Kooreloo