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Kartell 522 Robusta 03



Sunglasses Kartell 522 Robusta 03

The lines in the ROBUSTA collection have been streamlined and the character maximised. These are bold, sculpted and colourful frames that feature personalised metal detailing incorporated into the structure with defining lines sculpted into the edges in a harmonious match with the silhouette.


Kartell 519 Lamina 03



Sunglasses Kartell 519 Lamina 03

One + One = Three is one of the very first concepts in the Kartell Eyewear collection. The LAMINA series is expanded with a new look featuring two different but harmonious silhouettes merging to create a third one by overlapping and generating multi-dimensions depending on the angle of the light. The new LAMINA series therefore reproposes its classic stylistic feature but expands it with new shapes.

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Kartell 021 Segmenti 03



Sunglasses Kartell 021 Segmenti 03

SEGMENTI is the collection designed by Ferruccio Laviani that draws inspiration from a personal idea of creativity for a proposal characterized by a refined soft touch finish which, thanks to injection molding, is simple, extremely light and with a timeless design.


Kartell 003 Spiedo 03



Optical Kartell 003 Spiedo 03

Kartell by it´s nature and strategic choice, looks ahead and this time it does so with new eyes. This where the eyewear line starts, glasses for a new vision of Kartell that tells its identity through an accessory that embodies the style and philosophy of the brand!